Release: 07.11.2008
Laufzeit: 44:13 Min.
Inhalt: Das erste offizielle Album mit 10 Tracks!

Release: 11.11.2006
Laufzeit: 31:10 Min.
Inhalt: 5-Track Demo-CD

Release: 12.11.2005
Laufzeit: 04:22 Min.
Inhalt: Erste Aufnahme im eigenem Tonstudio!

Nocturnes path (2006)
Lied von Basti
Sebastian Braun
Text von Janus
Stefan Elsen
Ravens law among the night
and shadows lurk beyond the flow
Hiding underneath the sight
forevermore below
A lingering yet fading
touching sense of blight
Desires haunt the falling rain forevermore in vain

Dunkelheit, Panik, Einsamkeit

The hiding ones replace the sight
Erase what is conceal the light
And darkness calls forgets and falls
Ignores what truly was before

Dunkelheit, Panik, Einsamkeit

A casted shadow inbetween the hunting creatures of the night
Their motions freeze and moribund they stare, they fall
And burried is the hoping heart beyond the sea, beneath the ground
Apart from all that ever was apart from all

Dunkelheit, Panik, Einsamkeit
copyright by Crimson Sleep

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