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Release: 11.11.2006
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Release: 12.11.2005
Laufzeit: 04:22 Min.
Inhalt: Erste Aufnahme im eigenem Tonstudio!

Into the devils eyes (2003)
Lied von Danterno
Michael Langanki
Text von Holger Boerzei
Mesmerized by the darkened sky
I’m covered in a veil
Of the purest black
My soul is full of desire
Watching the majestic
Of the nocturnal art
The mystical constellation
Of the stars above

With my fiery wings I am flying into the devils eyes

The key is found
To leave this atmosphere
United with abysmal storms
Forever dwelling in an ocean
Of blackness in a sphere
Between the spheres

The gloomy skies
Into the devil’s eyes
The place where demons rise
Into the devil’s eyes

With my fiery wings I am flying into the devils eyes
copyright by Crimson Sleep
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